Temporality. Universals and Variation


Книга "Temporality. Universals and Variation"

Авторы: Maria Bittner

Издатель: John Wiley & Sons Limited

ISBN: 9781118584019

Temporality surveys the ways in which languages of different types refer to past, present, and future events, through an in-depth examination of four major language types: tense-based English, tense-aspect-based Polish, aspect-based Chinese, and mood-based Kalaallisut. Cutting-edge research on directly compositional dynamic semantics of languages with and without grammatical tense New in-depth analysis of temporal, aspectual, modal, as well as nominal discourse reference Presents a novel logical language for representing linguistic meaning (Update with Centering) Develops a unified theory of tense, aspect, mood, and person as different types of ‘grammatical centering systems’




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