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Now’s the time to buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key and make a return to the most popular MMORPG of all time. WoW next expansion eliminates the border separating life and death to open up the realm of Shadowlands and allowing mortals to witness the afterlife of the World of Warcraft lore. As the fate of Azeroth once again hangs on a thin thread, you’ll embark on a new, epic quest to restore the balance between the two worlds. Explore the Shadowlands This realm was never meant for mortal eyes to see but once you will buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key you’ll nevertheless get the chance to explore the world of the dead. Venture forth and discover five new zones – Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and finally The Maw, the latter of which contains the most vicious damned souls and monsters punished for the entire eternity. With the WoW next expansion also come 8 new dungeons, with most notable of them being the endlessly replayable Torghast also known as the Tower of the Damned. Choose your faction Among the new features introduced with this WoW expansion is the Covenant system that defines character progression. Buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key and choose your faction by picking between four main options: Ventyr, Necrolord, Kyrian, and Night Fae. Each of these Covenants open up unique gameplay options, reward the player with exclusive cosmetic items, and grant special abilities. Complete the main storyline, ally yourself with a preferred side and reap the great benefits this union brings along!


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