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  • Производитель: Paradox Interactive

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Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition key includes numerous cosmetic DLCs, Colonel Forum Icon, Poland: United and Ready expansion, Paradox Forum Avatar, and numerous wallpapers! The included cosmetic packs are designed for heavy cruisers, Soviet tanks, US tanks, British tanks, German tanks, and French tanks. Each pack includes eight tanks, starting with light and ending up with Super Heavy. Every Nation in the Mix Developed and published by Paradox, the game presents an all-out World War II setting with the whole world as your playground. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition key and command any of the powerhouse nations involved in the conflict or pick a smaller country and try to survive the hellish conflict by using whatever means necessary! In either way, it’s an experience you won’t be able to easily forget.   Warfare and Political Affairs Not only will you be able to assume control of the nation of your choosing, but you’ll also get to change the very outcome of the conflict at hand. Immerse in the WW II, and experience the occurring events from start to finish, put your best performance, and control your military performance as well as the political and diplomatic affairs. Buy Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition key and immerse in one of the most brutal events of our era. Unpredictable Outcomes Neither of the awaiting decisions will be easy to take, nor will they bring the exact outcome you’ve hoped for. War is unpredictable, and this title portrays it exactly as such. The shifting weather conditions and multiple levels of terrain only adds up to your hardships, and while the clever commanders can use these to gain an advantage, those lacking in skill are certain to perish.


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