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  • Производитель: The Farm 51


Описание и характеристики

World War 3 key brings a multiplayer war FPS game developed by The Farm 51. World War 3 key presents a modern global conflict with unimaginable consequences! Experience breathtaking infantry battles and fight with every bit of energy you have. Every single battle matter and every available tactic is just. The game presents a real-feel portrayal of war, and you can experience the truly devastating nature of it from the comfort of your home. Game Modes Buy World War 3 key and fight on the two distinct game modes. Warzone Mode immerses you into thrilling warfare scenarios where infantry fights alongside armoured units, all in order to take over the fortified points. Recon Mode offers you a slower, more tactical approach. Cooperate with other reconnaissance survivors and sneak upon high-value targets to capture them. Tactics, cold-nerve, and wits are of utmost importance in both! Military Realism Experience one of the most realistic approaches to modern warfare to have ever reached your screens. With World War 3 key, you’ll be able to travel through precisely depicted streets of Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow. Furthermore, you’ll be able to customize your character from inside out! Pick from an array of parts to fully customize your weapon, looks, and much more! When it comes to personalization, World War 3 offers complete freedom of choice! Early Access Even though World War 3 key is still in its early access phase, the game developers are confident in their vision, and invites every single participant to join in the game’s development process! Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated. As an Indie Studio, The Farm 51 team understands that communication is the key to making a great game, and World War 3 is rapidly growing into one.


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