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Buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key to witness the eight expansion of the Blizzard’s infamous MMORPG. There’s a new land to explore in WoW and it’s not just another undiscovered island added to the map of Azeroth. After Sylvanas has broken the Helm of Domination an interdimensional gateway opened to the Shadowlands – the afterlife of World of Warcraft. New expansion offers players an exceptional opportunity to take a step into the mysterious realm waiting for everyone beyond the threshold of death. Explore the Shadowlands Once you buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key you’ll get to observe exotic sceneries that were never meant for mortal eyes. Level up in five new zones included in this expansion, among which are Bastion, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth. The new end game zone is called The Maw. Under the oversight of the Jailer, it contains damned souls and vicious monsters casted dwell here for eternity. In addition, there are 8 new dungeons to visit, with the Torghast, Tower of the Damned being an ever-changing dungeon that will offer exceptional replayability. Align yourself with a Covenant Once you complete the main storyline, you will be invited to join one of the four main factions called Covenants. Buy World of Warcraft: Shadowlands key and pick between Kyrian, Ventyr, Necrolord, and Night Fae factions, each of which will grant you unique cosmetics, arm you with faction-exclusive special abilities and open up gameplay options that match your individual playstyle.


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