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Buy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Key and experience a brutal first-person shooter action with this accurate and detailed representation of the Vietnam War. Fight for the US troops or the Vietnamese, shoot an incredibly wide range of guns and compete in up to 64-person multiplayer battles. Accurate Representation Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is a first-person shooter game developed and published by Tripwire Interactive. With period-correct weapons, customizable uniforms, various gear and maps, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is an accurate, true-to-life representation of the Vietnam War. Every location, weapon, sound and army that are depicted in this game, have been carefully researched. Buy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam key and get to shoot more than 30 period-authentic weapons. The impressive list includes M16 Rifle, M14 Battle Rifle, M60GP Light Machine Gun, M3 Grease Gun, M9-7 Flamethrower, RPD Light Machine Gun, RPG-7 Rocket Launcher, MAT-49 SMG and more. These weapons have a wide range of functionality which includes: adjustable stocks and bayonets, dial in the range with iron sights and scopes, advanced recoil systems, enhanced sniper scopes, alternate weapon variants and ammo loadouts. All of these features are built on the already phenomenal weapon handling that the earlier games in the Red Orchestra franchise are famous for. Up to 64 Person Multiplayer With Rising Storm 2: Vietnam key you can choose to control either the U.S. Army or the Militarized Forces of North Vietnam. Each force is unique and has different abilities and tactical advantages. The U.S. Armed Forces can use the most powerful weapons and conventional military tactics. As a US fighter, you can call in gunships, napalm, and recon aircraft to track and destroy the North Vietnamese forces. The NVA and Viet Cong can make use of improvised weapons, traps, ambushes and guerrilla warfare. Having the home-field advantage allows them to outwit and outmanoeuvre the enemy.


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